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The 75th Anniversary of Trix Express was held at the impressive Berlin Museum of Technology.   

The Museum is on the site of a former railway depot, and has engine sheds, turntables, and many wonderful railway exhibits.




The Trix exhibition was in Engine Shed No.2, sharing the space with a full size V200 Diesel Hydraulic loco, and a 2-10-0 heavy steam loco.


Here's a video taken at the event:


The video and photos were taken early on day 1 of the 3-day exhibition, with the hall becoming packed with visitors later that weekend. Here are two Trix Express scenic layouts (DC, fibre track).  

TTRCA members operated a TTR layout with locos and rolling stock mainly supplied by Dixon Upcott (left). Also assisting during the exhibition were (from left) Keith Jones (TTRCA USA & Canada Rep.), David Wood, Franz Nowack, John Hopkinson and Steve White (not in photo).   

The event was organised by Dieter Weißbach (pronounced Veissbach) of the Berlin 'Trixstadt' group. Dieter managed to find a few moments to operate his own layout which featured several TTR items.

Dieter's AC layout is mainly prewar, with additional new wooden buildings made in the style of Trix.

A close up showing TTR in action alongside some of Dieter's new wooden houses.

This 'Evening Star' 9F is NOT based on the Trix Express 2-10-0 chassis, instead two BR24 2-6-0 loco chassis have been used.

Stefan van de Poll ran an excellent AC layout with many rare locos on show.


Stefan's American Pacific was in action with a train of prewar Trix Express coaches.


A 20/52 electric passes over the electrically operated level crossing.


Interesting 29/56 2-4-2 Tank Loco with unusual couplings.


Close up of the coupling, which is the USA type but with additional prongs.

A traditional TTR Table Top layout in operation, with American passenger and freight trains under the control of Ralf Siewertsen.


Stefan had many Trix Express boxed sets on display. You can see that the design of the boxes and labels is very similar to that of British Trix Twin products.


Specially labelled tarpaulins have been produced to mark Trix 75th, many were on display on different layouts. 


The metal frame, cloth cover and printing have been done by Reimund Beulen.

One of the scenic Trix Express layouts, with fibre track and DC locos. Note the tarpaulin with yet another Trix design.


Arno Hartmann with a display of later Trix Express locos and rolling stock, with a demonstration track above.


Guido Boragk's large 1937 era layout featured AC E94 'crocodile' and 20/57 Pacific.


Guido makes superb replica Trix wooden buildings, including this grand 'Trixburg' station.


An ambitious scenic layout, with overhead catenary and Trix Express DC locos.


TTR Coal Conveyors were in operation on various Trix Express layouts in the exhibition, this one has been covered in grime to blend in with the engine shed setting. 


Another view of the large scenic layout, with a train of 'Touropa' tinplate coaches on the left, and a V100 diesel goods train in the centre.


Centre is an electric 'double slip' point. These weren't part of the original British Trix fibre track range, but will fit with TTR to provide additional track possibilities and interest.  


Dixon, Dieter and Franz at the TTR layout discussing repaints and replica models. 

The TTR AC layout operated for 3 days with BR Scotsman, Coronation, London Transport loco (replica), BR Compound and several 0-4-0s.


Steve White (on right) manages to get a break from photography to chat to John Hopkinson and Dixon Upcott. Meanwhile the BR Compound and goods train perform well and provide an opportunity for the many visitors to see TTR in action. 


The event featured in a German model railway DVD. Included is an interview with Keith Jones (wrongly captioned "Steve White").


Photos from TRIXSTADT event Berlin, Germany, March 2010.

There are many more photos of the exhibition on the TRIXSTADT website.

http://trixstadt.de/?page_id=5462 & http://trixstadt.de/?page_id=5464 & http://trixstadt.de/?page_id=5466


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