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17th International GTG Zurich

August 2009, at Zurich-Hoengg

Photos by Benno Faessler

Information in German: http://trixstadt.de/?page_id=2552






The Exhibition Table

Top row, from left:
"Rheingold" prototype tail coach with tail light, made by Franz Nowack and John Hopkinson, followed to the right by MIRIM coaches and loco.

Second row:
Trix Express diesel shunter ‘fantasy’ prototype 4-(4-4) pulling various TRIX EXPRESS 12-wheeler weltrols

Third row: 
TE box of brown electric loco (in row 5), COOP "big brother" tanker in gauge 0 made by Distler (Trix), TRIXHAUSEN station, and TRIXBERG station (both rare).

Fourth row:
Trix Express electric loco ‘fantasy’ prototype 2-6-6-2 pulling a couple of TE tank wagons, some original, mostly modified.

Fifth row:
Trix Express electric shunter, Swiss Type with brown body (for Swiss market only, rare), pulling 8 COOP tankers (rare), 20/55 Swiss electric (AC),  20/55 body customized by John Hopkinson to COOP livery by request of a Swiss member.

Sixth row:
20/55 Electric loco with red chassis, produced between 1952 and 1954 only in presentation sets.

Seventh row:
TE "SHELL" tank depot (rare), TE train stop "EICHENTAL" (= Oak Valley) w/box (rare), another COOP tanker, yellow tank wagon, followed by another COOP tank with original box (2 only known).

The Footbridge, with 3 arches, was sold by KIBRI in grey-green livery, whereas the same model for TRIX was coloured grey only.


DB Class 24 steam loco "Steppenpferd", customized with a bogie tender, which was often an alternative on the prototypes, replacing the common 6-wheeler tenders, which were modelled by TRIX Express Cat. No. 202.


A view of the Diesel Shunter prototype, built on a TE/TTR Diesel Flyer motor bogie for power and two goods wagons bogies to form a 4-(4-4).


The Electric prototype 2-6-6-2 loco is based on two Trix Express DB class 80 steam loco chassis, one motorized, one as a dummy, adjusted by a single axle bogie at each end, and fitted with working reversing headlights.

The brown Electric shunter is a rare variety for the Swiss Market of the DB class 63 electric, usually with a green or red superstructure.



6-wheeler prototype P.O. tank wagon made by Jean-Patrick Enz using all original Trix Express spares. The tanker is based on a common 20/78 Trix Express long wheelbase 4-wheel tank wagon. The lettering is transformed from "SHELL" to "JPENZ" with only the letter "E" unchanged. The centre axle moves sideways to negotiate curves.


A TE 20/55 Electric Loco superstructure customized to COOP livery by John Hopkinson for a Swiss member who has a couple of COOP tankers.


TRIXHAUSEN station building for Trix Express (TE 20/304) after restoration.  The roof has been kept in grey, as it is hard to copy the TRIX style of roofs of that time period. Missing pieces have been added, like the annexe in the right corner, the clock, mail box, the gate railings, tree and all "flowers" on the ground and walls.   

The station is lit by 3 bulbs in each section, the building was originally only supplied with 3 holes in base plate.

The building is not common, it's made of wood and strong card paper together with celastoid windows.

Original TRIXBERG station building for Trix Express (TE 20/315) in excellent condition, regarded as a very rare item.


Note the Bavarian country style of the building with its typical little clock tower and roof!


(Left) Ingrid Nowack’s 10th attendance at the Trix GTG in Zurich was celebrated at the KNUBIs in Waedenswil. Jean-Patrick presents Ingrid with the traditional
pennant. Ingrid is surrounded by her two grand-children and young friends.


Another wonderful Trix event enjoyed by all in Zurich. Thanks go to Jean-Patrick and the 75 members and enthusiasts who attended, including 6 British members.


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