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A Summer TTRCA Get-Together at Gaydon in Warwickshire in July 2012





The marquee featured several operating layouts. Geoffrey Robinson ran American rolling stock on fibre and Trix Express track. Clive Parker (on left) ran his bakelite layout with modified DC locos.   

Geoffrey had Santa Fe diesel units on display; Tempo (left) and Rivarossi versions.

Tempo (for Trix) diesel unit with TTR Union Oil tankers behind.

Geoffrey is an expert at creating American locos from Trix Express and TTR parts.

David Holt preparing his 12v DC 2-rail layout for operation.


Trix 'A H Peppercorn' halts in the station.

David has added an exra engine shed on the right to the existing water tank version. The Trix cardboard kits enabled either version to be made.   

Over the years in its unmade packet, some of the grey roof has faded, unintentionally giving the appearance that part of the shed has been newly slated.

This display shows part of the engineering services offered by Bernd Tauert. Conversion of Trix Express locos from PermaMotor to Mabuchi motor offers smooth running, particularly at slow speeds.

Bernd Tauert and Geoffrey Robinson discussing technical matters.

Bernd's rolling roads enable sevicing and testing locos under power. 

Mike Drakeley provided one of the many sales tables at the Gaydon event.

Peter Berry's sales table stretched for miles!


In addition to Simon Culverhouse's Minitrix layout was his display of special sets and literature.

Peter Alers travelled from Holland to display his lovely scenic TTR layout.

The track layout is simple, but unusually for a Trix-Twin layout it has a wealth of interesting buildings and scenic features.

Did you spot the stork's nests on the factory chimneys?

Peter operates the layout from a small fiddle yard behind a back scene made from landscape photographs.

Basic rolling stock includes a humble BR tank and a handful of wagons.

Next to the layouts and sales in the marquee is the splendid Trix Museum.

Visitors could book a tour of the museum on each hour. No matter how many times one visits, there's always something to catch the eye.

Not the most glamourous part of the collection, but our trains wouldn't be much fun without a suitable box to control their speed.

The Gaydon event was kindly organised by David O'Brien. The wonderful British weather gave David some additional challenges regarding car parking and setting up the marquee, but that didn't dampen the enjoyment of the TTRCA visitors attending the two day event and evening dinner.   

Photos from TTRCA event at Gaydon, Warwickshire, UK, 2012.


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